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Looking to make a high school, college, WGI, or DCI tenor line?  Supercharge your chops and fine tune your technique with virtual private tenor drum lessons with a DCI Champion.

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Hey, Tenor Drummer!

Are you ready to really take your tenor drumming to the next level?

I was fortunate enough to learn from and march next to some of the best drummers in the world!

With their guidance, and a lot of hard work, I was able to go from first playing (cringe-worthy) tenor drums my senior year of high school to winning a DCI Championship three years later.

Now, you too can benefit from my experience!

I have distilled years worth of their genius and have been passing it along to students for 15 years.  Whether you want to make your high school line or march in a World Class DCI tenor line, my goal is to get you where you want to be.


How it works:

  • Purchase the Private Lessons product
  • I will email you so we can discuss your experience, strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc…
  • You record a video, up to five minutes long, of yourself playing whatever you want to improve on:  audition material, exercises, rudiments, etc.  
  • Upload your video to your own YouTube channel (marked as “Unlisted”).
  • Email me the link, and I will review your video, taking notes on what you are doing well and what you can improve on.
  • I record a response video critiquing your playing, demonstrating how you can improve, and outlining your next steps.
  • One video submission/response per product purchase
  • Submit as much as once a week or as little as once per month

Have questions?  Feel free to reach out to me on the CONTACT PAGE.

Still not sure?  Here’s what a few of my former students have to say:

“John was a genuine inspiration for me as a marching percussionist. It was an honor to learn from somebody with world class knowledge and experience. In addition to his knowledge and skill level he always maintained such a patient and humble approach to teaching me. If you are eager to experience drumming at a high level I highly recommend approaching him for lessons and/or visiting his page! He works very diligently with humble patience. The knowledge and skills that you receive will speak for itself.”

—Michaelangelo Henegan, Arizona Academy, Vegas Vanguard

John’s teaching style, imbued with a true tenor drummer’s humor and creativity, is one that sticks with his students forever! Having learned from him nearly ten years ago, I still find myself reflecting on his instruction and passing the pieces onto my students. If you can learn from him directly, don’t think twice.
—Kyle Bissantz, Madison Scouts


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