THE TENOR DRUMMER Intermediate How to Tune Tenor Drums

How to Tune Tenor Drums

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How do you even tune these things?

I don’t mention it in the video, but when you are tightening the lugs, make sure to go around diagonally in a star pattern, so each side of the drum head gets tightened evenly!

If you are putting on a new head, after you get some tension, tap your drum key by each lug and try to match the pitch between all of the lugs. Then, use 1/4 turns in a star pattern to tune up to the desired pitch.

An example pitch selection SCV used in 2022 is F-Ab-Bb-D, going up the drums.

Yes, I know. There are some informational inconsistencies in this video. I get the SCV pitches wrong 🙂 and it’s 2nd inversion! Can’t win ’em all. Have fun with your tenor tuning!

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