How to Play Tenor Drums
THE TENOR DRUMMER Intro to Tenor Drumming Introduction to Tenor Drumming

Introduction to Tenor Drumming

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How to Play Tenor Drums

Want to learn how to play tenor drums?

Welcome to my FREE Introduction to Tenor Drumming lesson series!

If you are looking to play tenor drums at your high school, college, WGI or DCI line, you are in the right place.

Unless you are in certain geographical areas, it can be difficult to find a quality tenor drum instructor.

Many programs are taught by snare drummers who know very little about tenor drumming.  While this is fine for high school programs, how do you get your skills up to a DCI level?

This is where I come in!

Below is the collection of my introductory lessons on everything you need to know to get started playing tenors. While designed for beginners, even seasoned vets might learn a thing or two.

2002 Cavaliers tenor feature

These lessons are based off of the world-class instruction I received while winning a DCI Championship with The Cavaliers.  I have distilled their genius into concise lessons; now you too can benefit from their knowledge, FOR FREE.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Proper matched-grip technique, playing positions, practicing for immediate improvement, some basic exercises around the drums, and an introduction to crosses and sweeps.

At the end, there’s my personal favorite, HOW TO PLAY CLEAN IN A LINE. It doesn’t matter what chops you have if you can’t play clean!

Of course, the benefit you get from this course is entirely dependent on the effort you put in, so don’t take short cuts!

First, let’s talk about technique.

LESSON 1: Basic Matched-Grip Technique

LESSON 2: Tenor Drum Playing Positions

LESSON 3: Make the Most of Your Practice Sessions

Now, let’s hit some drums.

LESSON 4: Basic Exercise – Eights

LESSON 5: Basic Exercise – Accent Tap

LESSON 6: Basic Exercise – Double Beat

LESSON 7: Basic Exercise – 7/8 Motion

And here comes the fun stuff!

LESSON 8: How to Play Crosses on Tenor Drums

LESSON 9: How to Play Sweeps on Tenor Drums

BONUS LESSON 10: How to Play Clean in a Tenor Line

Hey, you made it, great job! Don’t stop here, there’s plenty more to learn. Next up, let’s master our CROSSES.

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