THE TENOR DRUMMER Crosses Master Class Master Your Crosses on Tenor Drums

Master Your Crosses on Tenor Drums

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Break your bad habits and learn how to play crosses on tenor drums the CORRECT way!

Welcome to my Crosses Master Class!

Crosses are so much fun to play on tenor drums.  A few well placed crosses can really make otherwise “easy” notes look really flashy and cool.  They are one of the things that make marching tenor drums worth carrying the extra weight!

Unfortunately, there are wrong ways to play crosses that many beginning tenor drummers fall victim to.  Once these bad habits are formed, they can be very difficult to break.

If you learn correctly from the beginning though, your life will be much easier!

That’s where I come in.

To get you started on the right path, I have developed custom exercises that let you focus on building the muscle memory needed to play crosses correctly every time.

2002 Cavaliers tenor feature

These lessons are based off the World-Class instruction I received while winning a DCI Championship with The Cavaliers.  I have distilled their genius into concise lessons, so now you too can benefit from their knowledge, FOR FREE.

By isolating and reinforcing the most common types of crosses, your hands will “learn” (and most importantly, remember!) the proper way to play them.

When these crosses show up in future audition packets, cadences, and show music, you will have everything you need to play them effortlessly.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get drumming!

PREREQUISITE: How to Play Crosses on Tenor Drums (Intro to Tenor Drumming lesson series highly recommended before the Crosses Master Class)

First, we get moving around the drums with Eights Over Easy.

LESSON 1: Eights Over Easy – Section A

LESSON 2: Eights Over Easy – Section B

LESSON 3: Eights Over Easy – Section C

LESSON 4: Eights Over Easy – Full Exercise

Now, on to our accent tap exercise Feeling Cross

LESSON 5: Feeling Cross – Section A

LESSON 6: Feeling Cross – Section B

LESSON 7: Feeling Cross – Section C

LESSON 8: Feeling Cross – Section D

LESSON 9: Feeling Cross – Full Exercise

Crosses BONUS Lick, you deserve it!

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