Blue Devils Quads 2018
THE TENOR DRUMMER Advanced 2018 Blue Devils Quad Feature – Learn This Konnakol Lick

2018 Blue Devils Quad Feature – Learn This Konnakol Lick

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Blue Devils Quads 2018

Want to learn a flashy lick with splits and stick flips? You came to the right place! The 2018 Blue Devils Quad Feature is a super fun lick that is also very learnable. Be sure to first check out the BD360 video on this lick’s backstory. It’s based off of an Indian Konnakol rhythm, so you get bonus acculturation points for learning this one too. Let’s take a look!

While the transcription by Allan Edward on is accurate, it is extremely difficult to read. Luckily, you can rewrite any piece of music in 4/4, and also change the note connectors to make the rhythms much easier to read.

That’s exactly what I did! You can get my “easy to learn version” below.

Pro Tip:

There are a lot of visuals and stick flips in this piece of music. Don’t worry about those in the beginning. As with all tenor music, start on one drum, then move it around. When you get the notes in your hands, then add in all the flashy stuff.

Floaty Flams, Skanks and Splits

The first two measures are nice and easy with slow flams down the drums. We float our hands in between each note to add some visual appeal.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 1 and 2

Next is a paradiddlediddle from Drum 1 up to the shots, and then some skanks on Drum 4.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 3 4 and 5

Next is the split part. For now, we are going to play all of the notes, but feel free to grab a buddy and check out when to exit and enter on Page 2 of the music. (Patten starts with Count 4 above)

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 6 7 and 8

We have a paradiddle paradiddle paradiddlediddle pattern that repeats three times. The voicing stays exactly the same except for the first Right paradiddle. It has an attack on Drum 1 instead of Drum 3. All of the inner beats are on the Low Shot drum, and we move the accents to Drum 3, 4, and 1. We finish Measure 8 with quarter notes on the Shots.

Measure 9 has us play one more paradiddle paradiddle, and then we change it up with some Right hand notes going from Drum 1 to the High Shot, with a flam on the downbeat of Count 4.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 9 and 10

Next, float your Right Hand over to Drum 2, down to 4, then again from Drum 1 to the High Shot.

Start Juggling

In Measure 11, we switch over to our Left with a crossed flam on Drum 2 down to 4, and then play some up beats on the + of Count 3 and 4.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 11 and 12

The + of Count 4 is our first stick flip. If you haven’t gone through my STICK FLIP lesson, be sure to check it out! We have a half side flip with our Right Hand. To look extra sharp, try to catch the stick at the exact moment you hit Drum 2 with your Left!

Measure 12 starts on the + of Count 1 with two Right Flams then a Left. Grace notes stay on the Low Shot. (I really like the motion of the flams.) We finish with another half side flip with our Right Hand on the + of Count 4. This time with the Left hitting Drum 1.

Now Flip the Left and Toss

Measures 13 and 14 have some 16th notes on the High Shot, and then we start the Left Hand half side flip section. Unless you’re left handed, these can be a little trickier, so definitely practice them until they are nice and smooth.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 13 and 14

Luckily, we get plenty of time to focus on our Left Hand while our Right plays three 8th notes down Drums 1, 2, and 4.

We repeat the motion in Measure 15 with another Left flip.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 15 and 16

Measure 16 changes it up a little with a Right Hand Pancake spin and then an “Angled Backflip” with our Right Hand. As I mentioned before, get the rhythm and the voicing in your hands before adding in the visuals.

When you get this closer to the show tempo of 200bpm, you’ll have to flip quickly in order to catch the stick in time for the Right cross on Drum 4. Focus on your fulcrum to get a nice, fast spin.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 17

We catch the angled flip and that leads us to the Right cross down on Drum 4 on Count 2 of Measure 17. We finish with a quick five-stroke roll on the Low Shot in Count 3 and release on the High Shot. My tendency was to crush the drags, especially if I didn’t catch the flip well. Listen to make sure those drags are open.

Sweep it Up

The next three measures have a repeating pattern with some outward sweeps between Drums 1 and 2. When you get comfortable with the timing, float both hands during the rests to give some nice visual appeal. As always, approach the sweeps with a downward motion to avoid those rims.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 18 19 and 20

And Burn Some Rolls

We then have some deceivingly fast rolls on the Low Shot. (Well, not so surprising at 200bpm!) These release with the Left Hand on an “a” or “e”, so resist the urge to add a Right release. Also, listen to make sure they don’t turn into buzz rolls. Just like the sweep pattern, this repeats three times but starts on different counts in the measure.

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 21 22 and 23

Finish up with some 16ths and quarter-note accents and you are done!

Blue Devils Quad Feature measure 24 and 25

As always, break down and isolate anything that gives you trouble. Don’t rush to add all that flash until you can play everything perfectly in time.

Good luck and have fun!

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