THE TENOR DRUMMER Crosses Master Class Feeling Cross – Section D

Feeling Cross – Section D

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Feeling Cross Section D is a compilation of the 16th note patterns from sections A, B, and C.  This is a little more difficult (but very fun!), so take it one measure and one line at a time until you get comfortable with it.

The first line is right hand lead, with the patterns from Section A and B.

The second line is left hand lead, finishing the pattern from Section B and going into the larger crosses from Section C.

The last line can be pretty fun once you get used to it, moving around with a para-para-paradiddle pattern.

Now try the whole section.  When the pattern is in your hands, turn on the metronome to 80 bpm (or slower!) and begin playing reps in front of a mirror.

As you play, shift your focus every few reps between the following:

-Play on one drum and around, making sure wrist rotation feels the same for both

-Keep crossing hand low                                -Stay perfectly in time with the metronome

-Keep heights consistent                               -Rotate through 3”, 6”, 9”, and 12” heights

-Tacet (non-playing) hand is still                   -Watch playing positions

As you get comfortable and are achieving the goals above, slowly increase the metronome by intervals of 8-10 bpm.  Spend at least 30-45 minutes playing continuous reps.

Here are some of my reps at a few different tempos and heights.  As you watch, critique my playing (no one is perfect!).  Make note of anything you think I could do better.  Keep these things in mind as you watch yourself in your mirror.

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