THE TENOR DRUMMER Drum Along Warm Ups Eights Warm Up Drum Along 90-200bpm

Eights Warm Up Drum Along 90-200bpm

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Let’s Play Some Eights

Hey, Tenor Drummers!

I have an Eights Warm Up video for you. We are going to get our hands warmed up playing eights, starting at 90bpm all the way up to 200bpm.

I’ll call out different heights, decrescendo and crescendo, and give you eight clicks from the metronome in between.

You’ll probably figure out the patterns, but if you need it, get the sheet music here.

Try to keep your back fingers on as long as possible while staying relaxed. As we get to the 140-160bpm area, it’s okay to start opening up the hand and use more finger.


Focus on consistency between heights, intensity, and timing of each stroke. We are working towards that ever-evasive perfection!

Eights uses our legato stroke, so the stick should be continuously moving in a steady, relaxed manner. Ideally, every stroke would be the exact the same and perfectly in time.

Are my reps perfect? NOPE, but half the battle is being able to hear those inconsistencies. Train your ears to detect the tiniest of variations.

Did you like this Eights Warm Up video? I want to do more of these types of videos with other basic exercises, so let me know what you think and how I can make them better.

Other Eights Videos and Lessons

I have a couple other videos/posts focusing on eights that I highly recommend checking out.

Basic Exercise Eights is from my INTRO TO TENOR DRUMMING course, breaking down the approach on one drum as well as with a basic around pattern.

Eights Over Easy is the eights exercise from my CROSSES master class focusing on eights around the drums WITH CROSSES. Make sure you have your one-drum wrist rotation locked in before trying this one.

After you’re done with the Eights Warm Up, it’s time to work on your staccato stroke with Accent Tap Warm Up Drum Along.

Now, let’s get drumming!

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